All the Sahayogis who have confirmed their ID on or after 30th July 2008 (Wednesday) will get the INFLUX i-mint Co-Branded card as a Business Club Card.

All the eligible Sahayogis will get the INFLUX i-mint Business Club Card with their Name and the ID Number printed on it. 

For the Influx loyalty program, the Sahayogi is required to flash his / her i-mint card at any of the Influx Outlets and avail the Sahayogi Discount and other privilege services.  All the sahayogies are required to present their own cards only and no third party card will be accepted. The Sahayogi is required to endorse his / her bill with self signature which will be matched with the signature on the reverse of the INFLUX i-mint card. If the card is not signed at the reverse, the same will not be valid for any of the loyalty benefits. 

Sahayogi may avail the i-mint loyalty program at any of the i-mint's associate outlet by flashing the card after making the payment of their bill.  

For the Sahayogis who have confirmed their ID before 30th July 2008, the INFLUX i-mint Business Club Card will be available at cost of Rs.100/-. i-mint card otherwise is available for Rs.199/- in open market.  



Welcome to the world of i-mint   

The only customer rewards program that lets you earn reward points everyday, just for doing the things you do anyway, at thousands of merchant outlets across India. 

  • Earn points on the things you do anyway,  buying groceries, filling fuel, eating out, traveling and more. we have member merchants across all categories (and the list is growing everyday).

  • Earn points no matter how you pay by cash, cheque or card

i-mint members earn reward points

Virtually everywhere they spend!

i-mint is the only customer rewards program that lets you earn reward points everyday, just for doing the things you do anyway, at thousands of merchant outlets across India. 

how to get i-mint points whenever you spend!

Look for i-mint affiliation at the usual places where you shop.

Make sure you get your i-mint card swiped when you make your purchase, no matter how you pay, cheque, cash or card.

Walk away with your i-mint transaction slip, remember to hold on to it till the points are credited to your account. 

Register with your correct email id to receive regular newsletters from us updating you on how many i-mint  points you've accumulated. keep track of your points and remember to redeem them for exciting rewards.






1.What is i-mint?


i-mint is a unique rewards program that lets you earn points for the things you do daily, like refueling, using your mobile phone, traveling, shopping, eating out, watching movies, flying etc. you can earn points irrespective of how you make the payment be it cash, cheque, credit or debit card. points earned can be redeemed against a never before collection of fabulous rewards.


2.What is an i-mint card?


   The i-mint card is your membership card.

   It uniquely identifies every member with his/her membership number.

   Your i-mint card is your point collecting tool.

   However, please remember it is not a payment instrument like credit or debit cards.

   It enables you to earn and track points on your transactions at the i-mint participating merchants and partners.            

3. How is i-mint different from other rewards programs?


   i-mint is very different from other rewards programs that are offered across the country.

   It is a multi partner rewards program where several businesses have come together to reward the customers for their

   continued relationship or for their transactions at their outlets.

   It has a huge network of merchants/participants at national, regional and local levels as against a single 

   merchant/participant under  other programs.

   Customers can accumulate points at a faster pace as this membership is valid across all the enrolled merchant outlets.

   Customers are awarded points irrespective of which participating outlet they shop at and irrespective of how they choose

   to  make  the payment.

   i-mint points earned by a member across the network get accumulated under the same membership account thus ensuring 

   the member can accumulate high point balances in no time. accumulated points can be redeemed against an extensive

   reward catalogue  with a variety of gifts to choose from. 


4. How can i become a member of i-mint?


   You can enroll in the i-mint program through:

   Our website: you can enroll using the website by providing the mandatory details and making the fee payment using your

   credit card. Our call center: you can call up Delhi 011-40146468, Mumbai 022-40796468, Chennai 044-40146468, Bangalore

   080- 40146468, Hyderabad 040-40146468 or Kolkata-033 40146468 and request for enrollment. you will need to have a

   credit card in order to pay your fee to get your i-mint membership.

   You can also enroll into i-mint by purchasing an i-mint kit over the counter at select outlets selling i-mint memberships.     


5. Is there a fee for getting an i-mint membership?


   Yes. i-mint is available against a onetime joining fee of Rs.199/-


6. How do i earn points?


  Earning points is easy. after you get your i-mint membership card:

  look for the i-mint sign at places where you make your purchases. this signifies whether the merchant is enrolled in i-mint or  

  not. Get your membership card swiped or quote your i-mint membership number every time you transact at such outlets and  

   i-  mint points   will get added to your i-mint card.

  Carry out online transactions at our online partners fernsnpetals, and G.K.Vale, get fabulous deals and earn 

  i-mint   points.

  Please allow a time of 7 days for points to get credited to your i-mint membership account.

  Remember you can always check for i-mint merchants before beginning your shopping trip by visiting our merchant locator  


  For a faster accumulation of points in your membership account, shop only at i-mint merchants.


7. How do i redeem my i-mint reward points?


   To be sure of what you want we recommend you visit our rewards section.

   Redemption can be done in 2 ways:

   To redeem online:

   Check whether you have sufficient points to redeem the selected reward.

   If you have sufficient points to redeem the selected reward, add it to the cart.

   If the no. of reward items in your wishlist exceeds 10, the first item in your wishlist will be replaced with the current item.   

   Confirm  to proceed, or the transaction gets cancelled.

   Open rewards shipping page to view shipping details for delivery of products and proceed. 

   To redeem offline:

   call up the i-mint call center at any of the following numbers: Delhi 011-40146468, Mumbai 022-40796468, Chennai

   044- 40146468, Bangalore 080-40146468, Hyderabad 040-40146468 or Kolkata-033 40146468.


8. Who are the participating national preferred partners?


        Airtel - exclusive telecom partner

        HPCL exclusive fuel partner

        ICICI Bank - exclusive banking partner

        Indian exclusive Airline partner

        Lifestyle exclusive organized retail partner exclusive travel aggregator


9. Who are the participating regional and local small and medium merchants?


currently we have 1000's of merchants in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nasik, Coimbatore and  Mysore, and we are adding more merchants in the i-mint network everyday.

check out the merchant locator on our website to find a merchant close to you or on your shopping route.

SMS 'i-mint (location)' or 'i-mint (category)' or 'i-mint (merchant name)' to 57575665 to know the merchant outlets near you. for e.g. SMS 'i-mint bangalore' to 57575665 to know local merchants in Bangalore.         

go to , type location or category or merchant name to know the merchant outlets you are looking for. for   e.g. type 'Bangalore' to know local merchants in Bangalore



10.Where all can i earn points with the i-mint card?


    You will earn i-mint reward points by presenting your i-mint card for all the transactions done at the participating 

    merchants outlets. You will earn i-mint reward points each time you pay through your ICICI Bank Credit Card / Debit  

     Card.You will also earn reward points for your transactions with our exclusive preferred partners like Indian, HPCL, Airtel, , ICICI Bank and Lifestyle.

AIRTEL: you would earn points from Airtel on your monthly billing (postpaid) or on the recharge value (prepaid). you will  get 20 points for every Rs. 1000 spent on Airtel. however, to earn these points from Airtel, you will first have to register your   Airtel mobile number with your i-mint membership.

HPCL: you would earn points from HPCL as and when you fill petrol from the participating HPCL outlets and get your i-  mint card swiped by the fuel merchant. you will earn 10 point for every Rs. 1000 spent at HPCL outlets.

Lifestyle: you will earn 20 points for every Rs. 1000 spent on any Lifestyle store in the country. : you will earn varied reward points for booking airtickets, domestic and international travel packages with  Indian: you will earn points on all tickets bought from Indian Airlines for domestic travel.


11. Do I have to present my i-mint loyalty card for all transactions?


     Yes, you have to either present your i-mint loyalty card or quote your i-mint card number and expiry date for earning

     reward points at the i-mint participating merchants.


12.      12. Are the i-mint loyalty points different from the reward points i earn on my credit or debit cards?


     yes, i-mint loyalty points are independent of the reward points you may earn on making payment through any of your

     credit or debit cards of any bank. i-mint loyalty points are awarded to you by all the participating merchants on your 

     i-mint  card irrespective of how you make payment for your purchases.


13. How do i register my Airtel mobile number with my i-mint membership account?


    To register your Airtel mobile number with your i-mint membership account you need to do a one time linking. to do the one

     time linking please sms <MINT> leave space <16 digit i-mint card number> to 121 from the mobile you want to link to your

     i-mint  account number. you will get a confirmation of the registration in 72 hrs. thereafter you can start earning points on 

     your  Airtel connection.


14. Do we have online access to our i-mint card account?


     We have an online member login section to access your i-mint account. you will need to provide a user id and password,

     which you   can login to and check your account, campaign & other relevant details on to our site


15. What is the statement generation cycle for i-mint cards?


     We will send you quarterly statements on your membership account with us.


16. Can i use my i-mint card as a payment mechanism?

       No, i-mint card is a pure rewards card that accumulates i-mint reward points for your purchase transactions or any other 

       activities for which you can earn points within the i-mint network. it cannot be used as a payment instrument.


17. What is the validity period of my i-mint card?

     Your i-mint card is valid for a period of 10 years from the date of issuance. however your membership is valid for life, 

     unless  it expires under the terms and conditions of the program.


18. What will be the customer service numbers & email address for -mint card?


     Our customer care numbers are: landline #: 080-40146468